Getting Unstuck

One of the biggest problems clients complain about is a sense of feeling stuck. What does that mean and how do we help them? First of all, I feel it is important to understand that there is a flow of energy that moves in and through us. Thinking back to science class, we know that everything is made of atoms that are spinning around with mostly empty space between them. In solids the atoms are more closely packed togewaterfall-800055_1280ther, so there is less energy, compared to gasses which are bouncing around wildly with a lot of energy. Liquids have more energy than solids, but less than gas. Since humans are approximately 65% water, that is a lot of energy moving within our bodies. Energy flows, but it needs a path to follow. Just like the law of electricity, we know that if a circuit is connected the energy will flow, but if there is break in the circuit the energy flow stops. To me, health is when there a flow of energy and we are able to be in relationship with others, nature and ourselves in a positive flow. When there are blockages in the flow there is discontent, frustration, anger and resentment. It can manifest in many different ways. We feel cut off and isolated. When we are not in the flow we look for ways to cope with the negative emotions and many people display depression, anxiety or turn to drugs or alcohol to numb the pain. Where are the blocks coming from? Is it our thoughts about what has happened in the past or a fear of the future? Is it emotional disconnect? Are we not able to take action and perform behaviors that we would like to do? Are we stuck in a system that limits our options? Look for the blockages in order to restore the flow. The blocks are our keys to healing.

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