How Hurricane Harvey Brought Out the Best from Within Us

“Hard times don’t create heroes. It is during the hard times when the ‘hero’ within us is revealed.” –Bob Riley

Photo Credit: David J. Phillip, AP

The news reports from Texas this week have been heartbreaking.  Hurricane Harvey has left behind devastation and despair.  But, watching the reports has also been inspiring.  People have traveled from across the country to help in any way they can.  People and businesses have made generous donations to provide resources to those in need.  There have been many stories of heroism and people who have risked their lives to help complete strangers.  It is during times like this that our true nature shines through.

When I think of us as people, I envision that we all have an authentic spark within. Religions call this the soul.  It is the part of us that is our core essence.  At this authentic place within, we are loving, caring, altruistic people.  All people have this authentic self within, but I envision it being surrounded by the ego.  The greed, fear, anger and violence that is demonstrated daily in many different ways is part of the ego.  When the ego is in control it chokes off access to our authentic self and we forget who we are.  It is like the bushel hiding the light within.  In the moments when we see people, who we call heroes, risking their lives to help others, it is a demonstration of breaking through the shell of the ego to act from the authentic self.  These heroes are able to put fear aside and help because they are in alignment with their true nature, their authentic self, their soul.  They become focused on helping and giving instead of the ego based worry.  When we see people who are acting from their authentic self, we are inspired and reminded that we can all be heroes in our own way.  They call us to shine our own authentic spark brightly.  We can all be heroes in a difficult time and no matter where you are right now, there are difficult situations that need heroes.  Fred Rogers sums this up beautifully.    Please watch:  

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