What is missing?

There are hundreds of counseling theories that give techniques and frameworks to explain how people can heal mental illness, cure addiction and lead healthy lives. There has been empirical research to prove that different theories work. There is no dispute that working through a theory with a client creates change. While the theory discusses how to create change with steps and techniques, what I see as missing in many theories is what has actually changed within the client. In the book, Common Factors in Couple and Family Therapy, The Overlooked Foundation for Effective Practice, by Sprenkle, Davis & Lebow, the authors attempt to explore the commonalities between differing theories in order to explain the confusing fact that seemingly opposing theories have about the same level of effectiveness. In the book they explore how concepts such as the therapeutic alliance, the counselor’s belief in their theory and the client’s motivation for change all affect the outcome with similar results despite which theoretical orientation is chosen. I agree with everything they say, but what I am proposing is that they missed something. What they didn’t discuss in the book is how using the theories opens people up to a greater flow with source. When a basic understanding of spiritual principles is learned, it then becomes obvious that the theories are opening up people to become more aligned with source and are therefore healing. It is the connection to source that allows each of us to glow in health. We are each more than the physical form, just like a lamp is more than just the base and shade. It is by connecting the lamp to source and allowing the energy to flow through it that it radiates light. We are also a conduit for energy to flow through us and illuminate with energy from source. For many of us, there are blockages in the wiring. It is not that the electricity isn’t there, it is that we have pinched ourselves off from the source and therefore the light that shines is dim. Light is a metaphysical term for understanding. When we light up we understand at a new depth. Each theory helps us to identify our blockages and therefore opens us up to a connection with source. Throughout this blog we will explore various counseling theories and techniques and how each one helps to open us up to the energy of a higher power, which is what leads to our healing.

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