What new ideas will arise this year?

“And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been.” Rainer Maria Rilke

Over the holidays we got to talking about how times have changed.  Grandparents were sharing stories of when they got their first TV, which amazed my children.  I talked about the first TI computer we had and how I remembered typing code in to make a game.  While it sounds foreign today, it was not that long ago.  We got into a discussion about what antiquated technology my children are going to be telling their children and grandchildren about in the decades to come.  It is amazing to think about how fast technology is changing our world and what the future will be like.

Every new year is symbolic for new potential.  It is a time to reflect upon that which has not been serving us and to draw a line in the sand.  That was then; this is now.  This year to come is full of potential, but the first step is to begin visualizing what you would like to see.  To conceive of an idea and to nurture it, is to bring it into creation.  In Genevieve Behrend’s book, Your Invisible Power, written in 1929, she discusses the importance of moving beyond the known boundaries and into the unknown.  She states, “We now fly through the air, not because anyone has been able to change the laws of Nature, but because the inventor of the flying machine learned how to apply Nature’s laws and, by making orderly use of them, produced the desired result.  So far as the natural forces are concerned, nothing has changed since the beginning.  There were no airplanes in ‘the Year One,’ because those of that generation could not conceive the idea as a practical, working possibility. ‘It has not yet been done,’ was the argument, ‘and it cannot be done.’ Yet the laws and materials for practical flying machines existed then as now.”

This year, what new ideas will be conceived of?  What new possibilities will arise?  This generation is able to imagine things that were thought impossible by previous generations.  What an exciting time to be alive!  Here is to a NEW YEAR!

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